Allison Raskin Plastic Surgery,Body Measurements,Before and after pics

Allison Raskin did Plastic Surgery or cosmetic surgery?

Everything is possible in this world today. There has been a drastic revolution in the medical industry as of now. The surgeries which were not possible before could be performed now at a minimum cost. Well, we are well aware of it. We have seen a lot of plastic surgery cases even on our own site. It has become more common now among the celebrities. There are a lot of plastic surgery procedures which are available now and being undergone by a lot of people all over the world. With the increasing demand and advanced medical infrastructures, such treatments can be performed even at lower rates unlike it was before.Allison Raskin Plastic Surgery

Before getting into this let us all be clear that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are not the same. Though they both sound familiar and always misunderstood to be the same, they are not really the same. Cosmetic surgeries are performed to enhance the facial appearance. But plastic surgery is different. Plastic surgeries are done only when there is a defect or a malfunction. Plastic surgery treatments are done to overcome this and give the normal functionality. It is also done to change the facial appearance of a person. I hope you might have got the difference between Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Well, we all are confused between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. But plastic surgery is a more generic term unlike cosmetic surgery and so it is commonly referred to plastic surgery and hence used by all to refer to the cosmetic surgery too. When it is affordable why can’t have one to improve your facial appearance. This may be the mindset of many American youngsters and popular American actors and celebrities.

Allison Raskin is the person whom we are gonna look at here. Well, the name may sound new to you. But among the Youtubers, this is a more common name. She is well known for producing the web series Just Between Us, with her best friend Gaby Dunn. She is also an actor, comedian, and a starlet. Her Youtube channel has 750k subscribers. There was one video that was much popular and it was entitled “Why did you get a Nose job?”.

Allison Raskin Plastic Surgery Before and after Pics

Allison Raskin Plastic Surgery

It was pretty interesting in her case. Unlike other celebrities who hesitate to admit their plastic surgery procedure, Allison admitted that she had a nose job and revealed her cosmetic treatment story in her own web series. Her nose job story goes like this… One fine day, she asked her mom whether she should get a nose surgery, thence her mom replied that getting a nose job would soften her features. Her father also gave a green signal for her nose job procedure. How simple is that? And she does not regret having one and it looks good on her too. Thus Allison Raskin has made the job easy for all by revealing her nose job treatment and sharing her story with us. Well, this might attract a lot of women to get a nose job or other plastic surgery procedures

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