Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery, Before and After Pics

Carol Creighton Burnett was born on April 26, 1933, in San Antonio Texas. She was born to Ina Louise, a writer for movie studios, and Joseph Thomas Burnett who was a movie theatre Manager. Her parents divorced. So she had to stay with her grandmother Mabel Edora White. Soon Carol and her grandmother moved to an area near Hollywood, California. There she studied at Hollywood High School. She later studied Theatre and musical comedy in UCLA.

She soon landed in an acting career. Her first show was ‘The Garry Moore Show’ which won Carol Burnett her first Emmy Award in 1962. In the year 1963, she had her special debut in the ‘ Calamity Jane. Her grand success show was ” The Carol Burnett Show ” which ran for a mind-blowing 11 years. She was the star of that show. The show started in 1967 and ended in 1978. The show was a variety of dance song and film parodies. During this time she won several Emmy awards and also a Golden Globe awards.

Carol Burnett Body Measurements

Carol Burnett Height: 1.69 metre(169cm)

Carol Burnett Weight: 65kgs

Carol Burnett Bra Size: 34A

Carol Burnett Cup size: A

Carol Burnett Shoe size: 8.5

Carol Burnett Hair color: Dark brown

Carol Burnett Eye color: Dar Brown

Carol Burnett Shape Hourglass

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery information

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

Growing up a child Carol Burnett was never happy with her looks. Her appearance always made her feel bad and unconfident. So she made the choice of getting plastic surgery. It is not a surprise that Plastic surgery made its way even at her time. Carol Burnett did not have a good looking chin. So the chin is the one which she was worried about. So her first surgery was a Chin Augmentation surgery. Later on, she went some other surgeries also.

Carol Burnett Chin Augmentation

As already said Carol Burnett was not gifted with a naturally good looking chin. So she has to get under the knife of a surgeon to reshape it. A chin Augmentation is the enhancing and reshaping of one’s chin. The surgery was really a success to her. We had to say it definitely changed her appearance which led her to many other acting roles and a promising career in the film industry

Carol Burnett Facelift Surgery

A facelift is a surgical procedure to reshape one’s face. This is one of the commonly approached surgeries. Carol Burnett clearly underwent a facelift surgery. We can see clearly how her skin still remains the same as it was in her 50’s. It is normal for the human to have their face sagged at their 60’s. But Carol Burnett is 84 and still looks like a 50 years old. But like the chin augmentation, we cannot say the facelift is also a successful surgery for her. Carol Burnett face looks Asymmetrical as you see now.

Carol Burnett Botox and collagen injections

Carol Burnett face looks smooth and white till today. This is due to her frequent usage of Botox injections. A Botox injection is injected directly into the skin to promote blood flow inside the skin and gives a wrinkle-free skin. Botox is very common among celebrities. Looking youthful is fine but Carol Burnett remains in the same way for decades.
Sometimes people can’t be satisfied. Carol Burnett went for injecting collagen in her lips. A collagen injection is used to removes wrinkles in lips. Now she has a fuller looking lips.

Carol Burnett Lip surgery

Generally, many celebrities won’t go for a lip surgery easily as there are several cons in the lip surgery. But Carol Burnett was bold enough to give it a shot. She underwent a lip surgery. But it had its price. The lip surgery is not a successful one. It gave her asymmetrical lips. Before the surgery, she had decent looking lips. She might regret her mistake by now.
Carol Burnett is one of the popular celebrities. She has been in the acting career for decades. She is a well-known comedy star and an entertainer. She went for plastic surgery at a tender age. Her fans want her to stop doing any more surgeries. But we all know getting obsessed with the body is also a disorder.

That’s all about Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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