Charo Plastic Surgery, Boob Job, Before and after photos collection

Charo is a popular Spanish – American Actress, Flamenco Guitarist, and Comedian. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the physical transformation of Charo Plastic Surgery.

Short Biography on Charo

Charo was born in Murcia, Spain and she was enrolled in a convent at a young age and remained there for 15 years. Her grandmother hired a music professor to give her weekly classical guitar lessons and also she studied classical and flamenco guitar in school days.

Charo got married to 66 years old Xavier Cugat in 1966 while she was legally only 25 years old. After twelve years their marriage broke down in 1978 and got hooked up with Kjell Rasten.

charo plastic surgery

Charo is an extremely talented singer, with magical fingers of a flamenco guitarist and a most promising actress. Even though in her earlier 60s she still keeps her bold image, maintains glamourous body and personality still seemed electrifying. She never gives up on her looks so she decided to have some plastic surgeries which keep her charming looks. It was a complex process to undergo too many surgeries although she made it and as a result of this, she looks younger than her real age.

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To make her beautiful, Charo did Facelift procedure to lift her eyelids and forehead area and to have a pillowy pout lips she underwent Lip job (Collagen Injections). Charo had Blepharoplasty to make her eyes look more fresh and youthful and one more important plastic surgery procedure she had is Breast Augmentation to bigger the size of her Boobs.

Charo Body Measurements

Body shape: Hourglass
Dress size: 10
Breast–waist–hips: 38-25-36 inches
Shoe/foot: 7.5
Bra size: 34D
Cup size: D
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 128 pounds(58 kg)

Charo Plastic Surgery Before and after pics

Charo Plastic Surgery information

Charo Facelift surgery

Facelift surgery as a medical term called as Rhytidectomy is a procedure to reduce the wrinkles and sagging skin. This procedure removes the excess amount of skin in the face and tightens the underlying muscles.

Charo is almost crossed 70 but the recent pics of her has no evidence of deep smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and skin sagging cheeks. From this, we can say that she tried hard to enhance her looks and those rumors about her facelift may be true.

Charo Facial Fillers surgeries

At the age of 70, it is highly impossible to maintain the beauty but in her case, there is no even sign of sagging. Charo might have used chemical fillers or some other dermal filler to puff the cheeks. To smoothen the laugh lines or deep wrinkles the dermal fillers are used. While comparing the old and new pictures of her, we can’t even evidence any changes in her facial.

Charo Lip Implants

Lip implants create sex appeal to women, these procedures are so common in which the surgery takes just 1 hour. In my point of view, I can say lip job is the utter waste for her. You can figure out while comparing the old and new pictures of her, she got nice thin fully filled lips but now her lips are so awkward. Her upper lip is bigger than before and looks abnormal after the lip implant.

Charo Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation often referred to as a “boob job” Which involves the fat transfer from thigh to double up the size of the breast. A boob job is the most common kind of cosmetic surgery. Nearly 2.2 lakhs of women and teenagers underwent this surgery to have their breast enlarged.

Charo’s ample bosom and bouncy boobs are always a hot topic of discussion. However Sharon’s boobs are pretty good, and some audience says that it is because of bra fitment and other say because of push up bras. Her way of dressing made a cautionary tale which tells all about her boobs. Before and after photos clearly shows that she has gone through some procedures to enhance her breast to look fuller and rounder.

Charo Nose job

Rhinoplasty is also a cosmetic surgery popularly known as a nose job. Her nose looks very artificial and skin around the nose are also sagging. Nose job was done in 1980 and her nose bridge looks like a barrier gate.

However, she is around 70 years old still her plastic surgeries are the hot topic all around the world. Many rumors may arise but she is successful in her career and she proved age is just a number and aging doesn’t matter.

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