Debra Messing Plastic Surgery,Body measurements,Before and After Pics

Debra Messing is a social media celebrity who is an American actress and TV personality. In 1993 she won acclaim for her acting in Tony Kushner production. And then she appeared in several television shows in 1994 and 1995. In 1995 she acted in a film named as “A walk in the clouds” and then she became famous in the film industry. There is a rumor, about Debra Messing Plastic Surgery when she acted in the television serious ‘will and grace’ which made her appearance to look better and she has become famous after the plastic surgery.

Debra Messing Plastic Surgery


Debra Messing was born on August 15th, 1968  New York, US. In 1995.  Messing is now 49 years old. She raised as the co-star in the television show Ned and Stacey. She was graduated from New York University from the Tisch School of the arts and science. It lasted to 2 seasons till 1997. In the year 2002, she was named as the 50 most beautiful women in the world. In 2005 she got “women in film lucy” award for her creative works in the television. In 2011 she was ranked as no. 22 in tv guide network special. She had also given a voice for the film in Garfield and open season in 2000 and 2006. She got more fans by acting on the television shows.  The awards won by Debra messing are screen actors guild award [2001], TV guide award in [2001], satellite award [2002, 2003], Emmy award [2003] and Gracie award [2008].


Body shape: Banana

Dress size: 6

Breast-Waist-Hips: 35-25-35

Feet: 9.5

Bra size: 34A

Cup size: A

Weight: 132 lbs.

Height:  173cm

Implanted or Natural Breasts?  Natural




At age 41, generally, all actresses would go for a plastic surgery in order to maintain their youthful and glamorous appearance and continue their career in acting.  But Debra Messing did her graceful nose job when she was a lot younger because the role she did in the hit television series “will and grace” required a change in her appearance. So she did a plastic surgery to fit the character in the series.  Her ‘Rhinoplasty’ made her look better in that series and it is also considered as the one of the major reason for the successful run of “will and grace” and also it improved her development in the industry. Messing did nose job to make her bulbous nose look slimmer. Apart from will and grace, she acted in various television series and films.


The word Rhino denotes Rhinosaurous which has a horn on its nose and Rhinoplasty denotes the plastic surgery on the nose. It reshapes or resizes the nose size for looking better. It can also correct a variety of concerns visible bump on the nasal bridge, droopy and enlarged nasal tip. The rhinoplasty cost ranges from 2,750 USD- 11900 USD with an average cost of 7,450 USD.  The cost is based on the shapes and size. The rhinoplasty is of two types Open rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty. The open rhinoplasty makes a small and irregular incision to the columella for the nasal correction.  The closed is just opposite to the open rhinoplasty where it does not cut the columella. These resolve nasal pathologies, an unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance. Congenital nose defects and deformities. The surgery can be done on a person who is under sedation and separates the nasal tissue and the soft tissue.

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