Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery, Boob Job, Before and After Pics

Today we are going to discuss Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery. She is one of the Beautiful rising stars in Hollywood film Industry. Is that a natural beauty or an artificial beauty? Though she is pretty by nature, her plastic surgery made her look gorgeous!

Dove Cameron Biography

Dove Cameron is the most famous teen American actress, TV personality, and singer. She is very well known for playing a role in Disney Channel teen sitcom “Live and Maddie”. She was born in Seattle, Washington on January 15, 1996. Dove was active in the career since 2012 to present as an actor and singer.

Her career in Hollywood industry is rapidly taking off. Dove Cameron’s real name was Chloe Hosterman, She started her career as 16 years old teen actress as she appeared in two episodes of Shameless TV series. And also she featured in full-length movies “Bits and Pieces”. Dove’s singing hit “count me in” was praised by many local American audiences. Disney’s original movie “Cloud 9” was the big hit of the year 2014.

As a young star, she underwent many significant surgeries to make minor changes in her face. I have gone through some old pictures of her and I found out so much of difference. She has done nose job and liposuction. Initially, Cameron has a long nose and narrow lips, there is plenty of speculation on her plastic surgery.

Dove Cameron Before and after plastic surgery pics

Dove Cameron’s Body Measurements

Height: 5′ 2″ (1.57m)
Weight: 52 kg (115 pounds)
Bra size: 32B
Dress size: 4(US)
Shoe size: 7(US)
Measurements: 33-24-32
First Film: Bits and Pieces
First TV show: Shameless

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery

Dove Cameron Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty is a procedure to get rid of a broad nose and it is popularly known as a nose job. These surgeries are risk procedures and we have seen some other celebrities who have gone wrong in the past. Dove Cameron, now she has a smaller nose a narrow bridge and pointy nasal tip. Before, Dove Cameron had a weird nose shape with a slightly hooked nose tip.
Because of this treatment, we can able to find significant changes in the shape of her nose and it was more helpful in her career.

Dove Cameron Lip Injection

Lip job is also a most common, inexpensive and safe procedure which can be done quickly to fill lips. The evidence of lip job is not nearly as strong compared to the nose. This lip filler injection which she underwent needs to be redone every six to twelve months to retain the pillowy pout.

In her olden pictures, you can see she got narrow lips and that was much glossy look. But these difficult surgeries are often unsuccessful and can make the problems even worse.

Dove Cameron Boob Job

Another sexy plastic surgery procedure that Dove Cameron had is Breast Implantation. When we see her pictures its strikes automatically to look at her boobs as she got pretty bouncy one.

Breast Augmentation is a common procedure to increase the size of the boob and to make the person look more womanly and sexy. Since Dove turned 21, she thought of stepping back from Disney look. After she gotten through puberty, unlike other girls she did not have big breast naturally. So she needed to go for this surgical procedure and at least she got a C cup boobs. Dove Cameron’s boobs became more cleavage and much more prominent. However they don’t look natural, but her boobs are too round and nearly proportionate to her body. You can definitely say that her boob job made her look very much more attractive.

However, these surgeries are so common in the entertainment industry but she had undergone at such a young age to enhance her looks. She has a long career ahead of her and we hope she maintains her body with a pretty gorgeous look. Although she made her plastic surgery successfully there are many fans who criticize her and although some others always still support it.

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