Farahdhukai Plastic Surgery, Before and After Pics

The era of technology and an incredible revolution in medical industry has paved way for many dreams come true inventions. Everybody likes to look pretty and perfect. Not only girls, even boys are showing a keen interest in makeup nowadays. There are a lot of medications to make you look fair. A step ahead, there is plastic surgery procedures to make you even more beautiful. Who wouldn’t love to be pretty when these much of resources is available in front of you. Everyone would love to make use of this resources to make themselves look perfect. Here is one such celebrity who made use of this and became a hot gossip on the internet. Now we will proceed to Farahdhukai Plastic Surgery

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Farahdhukai Plastic Surgery

Farahdhukai basic information

Name: Farah Dhukai
Residence: Canada
DoB: December 12, 1987

Farahdhukai Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

Farahdhukai Plastic Surgery

Farahdhukai is the person who went under the knife recently. This name may sound odd to many. Yes, of course, because she is not a big screen star, but she is a social media celebrity who limited her appearances to online and social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and more. Her first appearance is on Youtube video released on 24th February titled “ How to get Long Shiny Hair! – My Haircare Routine! “. Now, this video has more than 6.5 million views. Thus began her media journey through Youtube. She has released a lot of video through this channel and has earned a lot of subscribers and fan following. At present, her Youtube channel has 1.6 million subscribers and over 115 million views for all her videos.

Well, she didn’t leave here. She has her own Instagram page and Facebook page. Right now, she is being followed on Instagram by 5.1million Insta users. And every post of her’s receives minimum 10k like and thousands of comments. In Facebook, she is followed by 3.8 million users. Her website was populated with a lot of beauty tips and health tips, which seems to be inactive now. This is so embarrassing that one of the famous celebrity who is giving feeds on natural beauty tips and pro tips has gone under the plastic surgery knife.

Well her followers could have noted this pretty easily and earlier that there are some changes in her nose region. Her nose was wider earlier now it is sharp and pointed. When comparing her present pictures with the older ones, there are some abrupt changes you can notice in her face. This gave away a hint that the celebrity might have done a nose job. Previously her nose appeared wider and some blemishes were seen around the nostrils. But now her nose is pointed and fair. Her images revealed everything clearly. Farahdhukai may have done a Rhinoplasty surgery. These things are common now among the cine artist worldwide. Well, she is an emerging social media celebrity and might have felt the need for this procedure. It’s good in case of her as it did not damage her natural look and it also added more beauty to her.

That’s all about Farahdhukai Plastic Surgery, hope this article is interesting.

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