Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery, Nose Job and Body Measurements

Ji Chang Wook was born on July 5, 1987, in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He is widely known for his film fabricated city and Sleeping Beauty. Ji Chang Wook started his career by acting in Television Series. His first TV series as the main role is ‘Smile Again’ which won many awards in national level. His famous TV series in which he acted as the main role is ‘Warrior Baek Dong-soo’ which also won many awards. He also played supporting role in “Empress Ki’ which is a popular series worldwide. He also received many awards in a career which includes ‘China TV Drama Award and the Annual Drama Fever Award. He underwent a plastic surgery in recent times. So in this article, we will cover all the information about Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery.

Ji Chang Wook before and after photos

Ji Chang Wook Body Measurements

Height: 1.82 meters
Weight: 70 KGs
Age: 30 years
Sun sign: Cancer
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery Before and after photos

Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery

Ji Chang Wook Nose Job

We all know that Asians are not blessed with a natural sharp nose. A sharp nose is considered to be an attractive among men feature worldwide. But unfortunately, Ki Chang Wook had a small bulbous nose like most Asians. And please don’t forget Ji Chang Wook is from South Korea, a country which is well known for Plastic surgeries. So it is not a tough job for Ji Chang Wook to find a good surgeon. Ji Chang Woo had undergone for a Rhinoplasty surgery without any doubt. A Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is performed on the nose to change the structure and shape of the bone inside. You can see in his old pictures. His nose is completely different from what it should be looking. Rhinoplasty has become more common in recent years. Ji Chang Wook is not the only Korean celebrity who went for a nose job.

Ji Chang Wook Lip Surgery

Lips are the desirable features of women. But a male actor need not have the need of big and glossy lips. But there are rumors that Ji Chang Wook had gone for a Lip enhancement surgery. His lips have not changed much in recent years. You can see for yourselves in the pictures. But the gossips won’t stop. He does not have the need to have big lips but people still talk about it. Check them out for yourselves.

Ji Chang Wook Jaw Reshaping Surgery

This is another popular rumor of Ji Chang Wook’s plastic surgery. Generally, a sharp and chiseled Jawline is preferred among men. It is a sign of masculinity. But people started gossiping that Ji Chang Wook had a Jaw Reshaping surgery. A Jaw reshaping surgery is a painful process. It needs at least 2 weeks of recovery to remove the stitches. But considering Ji Chang Wook is also a Drama actor, he cannot spare that much time without acting. So the possibility of Ji Chang Wook having a jaw reshaping surgery is very low. But we people say they can identify differences in pictures which he uploads in social media. Maybe the difference is because of various angular positions of the camera. Here are some pictures check them out.

Ji Chang Wook Eyelid Surgery Rumours

Eyes are the first thing we notice whenever we talk to somebody. They tell what we feel inside. No doubt why they were called the window of the soul. Ji Chang Wook’s eyes are one of his most attractive features which brought him several Asian fans and also International fans. Comparing his photos we can see his eyes are bigger than before. Many started saying that he had an eyelid surgery. But there is no reason for him to undergo an eyelid surgery. I mean why he even wants one. Big eyes are not a thing of men. Ji Chang Wook is gifted with double eyelids naturally from the child which makes him attractive. But the reason for his enlarged eyes may be due to lack of sleep or long shooting hours. Do compare the photos and tell if he went for an eyelid surgery.

Over time Ji Chang Wook has become more handsome and his fan base is increasing day by day not only in Asia but also in the western world. Though he went for a knife under his nose the changes are only little. Being a Korean star it unavoidable to be subjected to rumors.

That’s all about Ji Chang Wook Plastic Surgery.

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