Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery, Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery came into existence in this world, to remove the scars and restore the damaged skins. But, as the world evolved, its purpose has also changed. People started taking plastic surgery in the name of cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance, to stay younger and to reshape the body parts to their wish. And the most vulnerable to such surgeries are cine artists and celebrities who feel the pressure to stay young and attractive. Although many artists don’t take plastic surgery on purpose, they were rumored to have plastic surgery and become a hot topic among the fans and audience. Here is one such celebrity who has a hard time with the industry. She is none other than Rose McGowan. Now we will proceed to Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery.

Rose McGowan is a well known American actress, model, singer, and author. She was well known for her role as Paige Matthews in the television series, Charmed. She has acted in a lot of English movies and Tv series. Making her debut for a small role in the comedy-drama Encino Man, the career of the actress was pretty unbalanced. She has faced a lot of struggles in her life. Her cine career is also filled with a lot of tragedies. It was rumored that this actress has gone under the knife to enhance her beauty. Let us to what extent this information is true.

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

The actress met with a car accident in 2007, where she got injured under the eye and needed a surgery to get back her normal vision. It was rumored then in addition to that plastic surgery, she also had other such procedure to enhance her appearance. The change was so abrupt that anyone who knows her can find it easily. But when asked about this, the actress has said that she has done only plastic surgery for her better vision as she was injured under the eye.

But later in her book, named Brave which she released recently, she has said that she had lied about her plastic surgery. She wrote in her book as followed, she said that her appearance was altered as a result of a medical procedure which has gone wrong. During an operation to correct a lifelong sinus problem, she said, the surgeon accidentally punctured the skin below her right eye. The mistake forced her to have reconstructive surgery, leaving the eye looking “slightly pinched.” She then had to take up another surgery on her left eye to keep the look even.

So, it was the fault of the surgeons that made her take up plastic surgery to look normal. The actress has been under the headlines for various issues through her acting career. She was a brave one too. She talks openly without any hesitation may be why she has been talked much. So, the actress has taken up the plastic surgery procedure because of the tragic incident that had happened in her life.

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